We aspire to provide greater harmony to patients and their families

Our goal is for patients to improve their well-being and live in greater harmony with their households.

The word “Harmony” has its roots in two Greek words: ἁρμονία, on the one hand, which means concord or agreement, and ἁρμόζω, on the other, which means fitting together.

We strive to create a virtuous circle among the medical team, collaborators, and strategic suppliers that steers us towards a job well done as a team. And we do this while providing harmony for the patient and everyone else involved.


For the patients and their families

We work relentlessly for more patients in Chile to be able to have access to cutting-edge medical technology in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. This way, they can opt for shorter surgeries with lower risk and a quicker and less painful recovery.

We offer patients with traumatological or neurosurgical pathologies innovative solutions with proven high efficacy and high impact to relieve chronic pain and improve mobility.

For doctors and their medical teams

We develop close relationships with doctors and their medical teams while always placing the patient at the center of our focus.

We provide doctors with the best combination of high-tech medical equipment and outstanding logistical service.

Our highly-trained professionals provide first-class assistance before, during, and after every surgery.

We implement continuous medical education programs for the doctor and their medical team while adapting to the needs and interests of every professional involved.


In line with our goal to create harmony for our patients, we only choose suppliers who are worldwide leaders in medical technology innovation, those who offer products backed by scientific evidence, and all certifications required at the international level. They also must have a clear focus on medical training and outreach with medical societies and academia.

Our suppliers’ products are virtuously complemented by our excellent logistics thanks to years in the industry of global-level brand distribution, our service philosophy, and the flexibility we offer healthcare professionals, medical institutions, and their patients.

Because of this, we are constantly looking for manufacturers from any part of the world who share our way of envisioning this patient-centered service and want to add value to the Chilean market while becoming mutually strategic partners.

We are a Chilean company with a passion for healthcare

We have a global vision and local experience that allows us to bring solutions to Chile from wherever there may be state-of-the-art medical technology.

We have worked with healthcare professionals and institutions in Chile for over 20 years.

We have strong ties with over 70% of spinal surgeons in Chile (traumatologists and neurosurgeons).

We know how to do business. We have had a presence for 40 years in distribution

activities for world-class international suppliers, with logistics and customer service in the main cities of Chile. 

We belong to the Andesinvest group, which began in 1980 as an engineering and construction consulting company. Today, the group actively participates in the industrial products, properties, and medical industry markets.

Our team

A team working together in harmony

The founders of Harmony are a team of multidisciplinary professionals, with training and extensive experience in sales, marketing, finance, and technology, in Chilean and multinational companies.

We get directly involved in our business dealings, and we develop close relationships with our strategic suppliers, medical personnel, patients, and collaborators. This allows us to provide customized solutions that are more flexible and with a better response capacity.

Contact us

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Office 201 - Santiago, Chile

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